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Deluxe experience: massage, tea and sweets

Join the best combination: good company, a real massage to choose, reiki treatment and a chocolate tea with jelly beans or cava with chocolates to finish. Enjoy the Deluxe Experience!

Enjoy an Authentic Massage in a couple in a pleasant environment, surrounded by candles, relaxing music and enveloping aromas so you can disconnect from daily obligations, delighting in a magical moment just for your memory and your privacy.

Afterwards, you will go to reiki. Reiki is a technique belonging to Eastern alternative medicine through which universal energy (reiki) is transferred in the form of qì through the palms of the hands.

Elision Day Spa has created this combination with a sweet final so you can share an incredible moment with whoever you want. It is ideal to disconnect, relax, feel well-being and balance body and mind. An exclusive offer for everyone!

There are different types of massage therapies like swedish massage, body to body massage, aroma therapy massage, sports massage, thai massage, sandwich massage, happy ending massage, female to male massage, couples massage, deep tissue massage, lomi lomi massage, shiatsu massage, balinese massage, foot reflexology, hot stone massage etc.

The perfect plan to share, give it away or give it to whoever you want!

You have three duration options to choose from:

40 minutes of Experience: 30 minutes of massage and 10 minutes of relaxation with tasting drinks
60 minutes of Experience: 50 minutes of massage and 10 minutes of relaxation to enjoy the drink
80 minutes of Experience: 70 minutes of massage and 10 minutes of relaxation with tasting drinks

Elision Day Spa is a modern center with a careful and serene atmosphere so that when entering you enter a state of peace.

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